# Microsoft Graph Permissions

# Admin-restricted permissions

Depending on the permission type (Delegated or Application), some high-privilege permissions in the Microsoft ecosystem are set to admin-restricted.
Examples of these kinds of permissions include the following:

  • Read all user's full profiles by using User.Read.All
  • Write data to an organization's directory by using Directory.ReadWrite.All
  • Read all groups in an organization's directory by using Groups.Read.All

For TeamsPro to access data in Microsoft Graph, your administrator must grant it the correct permissions via a consent process.

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# Required Permissions

For TeamsPro to work properly and perform some administrative operations, it requires the following permissions.

# OpenId standard scopes

The OpenID scopes represents the basics required for any OAuth authentication:

Scope Description Justification Admin Consent Required
email View users' email address. Microsoft Teams SSO. No
offline_access Maintain access to data you have given it access to. Microsoft Teams SSO. No
openid Sign users in. Microsoft Teams SSO. No
profile View users' basic profile. Microsoft Teams SSO. No

# Microsoft Graph Scopes

The Microsoft Graph scopes are specific to the Microsoft platform:

Learn more with Microsoft Graph permissions reference... (opens new window)

Learn more about Authentication and authorization basics for Microsoft Graph... (opens new window)

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